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Working with a site before pointing the domain to us

Sometimes one needs to create a site on our servers, that has not had its domain name pointed to it yet. This is a relatively straight-forward setup:

- addon the domain to your account via your CPanel, the Addon Domains page in the "Domains" caret. The server is configured to allow the adding on of domain names that are not yet pointed to the server.

- make sure to set the Document Root of that new addon domain to be in the public_html folder, or another web accessible folder.

- directory listing is disabled on our server (i.e. Options -Indexes) so you will need to place an index.htm/index.html/index.php file in the Document Root folder of the new domain name.

- then you will be able to access that site via our server name: http://us1.solid-hosting.net/~USERNAME/newdomain.com. Please replace ~USERNAME with your username, and newdomain.com with your new domain name.

If you need assistance on the subject then please do not hesitate to contact us at support@solid-hosting.net.

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