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A forgotten password - where and how to change it

There are two cases here:

a. you forgot your password for the ticketing/billing system at https://solid-hosting.net/clients - you can reset your password at


using your username (usually your email address). If you do not remember your username then please contact us at support@solid-hosting.net to resolve the problem ASAP.

b. you forgot your password for the CPanel - the interface used for managing your hosting account. The default CPanel login page (it is https://us1.solid-hosting.net:2083 for our server) does not allow for resetting one's password, so you must use our billing/ticketing system to do that. Here is how:

- log in to our billing/ticketing system at https://solid-hosting.net/clients (refer to a. on how to reset the password for that system, if you need to)
- click the "Service Records" button, and follow the Details button - Details button
- scroll down to the "Login Details" section and use the two fields there to change your password

You can read more about these two interfaces at


Please contact us at support@solid-hosting.net if you need further assistance.

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