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Registry fix for Windows XP and FrontPage 2002/2003

You are advised to apply the following registry fix if:

1. you have issues opening your site live, or publishing to our servers
2. you are using Frontage 2002 or FrontPage 2003 on Windows XP

IMPORTANT: Please make sure to back up your machine before performing changes to your registry. We do not take responsibility for any errors that might occur as a result of the modification of the registry.

You will need to open regedit.exe - click the Start button, Run..., type


and hit Enter.

Browse to this folder:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Shared Tools/Web Server Extentions

Then insert a new key and value in the registry as follows:

1. Right click Web Server Extentions.
2. Make new DWORD value.
3. Change name of new DWORD to wecctlflags.
4. Edit the value of wecctlflags to 2.

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