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Account/domain name ownership

Our company's policy is that whoever pays for the hosting account is considered its sole owner. That person has the final say in any issues - technical, financial or administrative, with regards to the account.

The same goes for a domain name - regardless of the listed Administrative/Technical/Registrant contact details, we consider the person who has submitted the last payment for the domain name its rightful owner.

Please note that we cannot resolve disputes amongst our customers or within their organizations, as we are not a regulatory body, neither can we issue an authoritative judgement in any case. This is why this simple rule was introduced.

Thus we strongly advise anyone against having an employee pay for the employer's hosting account and/or domain name via the employee's means (credit card, PayPal account, etc.). This is the most common case in any such ownership disputes we have handled throughout the years - a disgruntled employee taking over the company's account or domain name, simply because s/he has been paying for them.

Please contact us at sales@solid-hosting.net if you need further assistance.

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