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SSH shared key generation

If you need to access the server via SSH, you will need to generate your own SSH public key and provide it to us. Here is how to do it for Linux, Windows and Mac:


You can do that by using PuTTY, which is a fine and free SSH client:

  • download puttygen.exe from http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/download.html, it is a standalone program and there is no need for installation
  • start it once the download has completed
  • choose SSH-2 RSA from the Parameters caret at the bottom of the dialog, and click the "Generate" button
  • then move the mouse cursor in the area below the progress bar, to randomly generate the key pairs
  • once the generation is over, type in meaningful text in the "Key comment" textbox, which will later help you identify what this key is for (a must if you are using several SSH keys)
  • (optional) enter a password in the "Key passphrase" (and retype it in "Confirm passphrase") textbox, to protect your key. You will be prompted for this password when you connect via SSH. You can skip this step, however please note that if the computer, where your key resides, is compromised then your login to our servers will also be compromised.

If you need a richer Unix experience under MS Windows then head on to http://help.github.com/win-set-up-git/ and download Git (choose "Use Git Bash only" during the installation) and create your SSH keys via the Git Bash shell, as explained on that page.


This is straightforward:

  • log in as the user you will be creating the keys for
  • run "ssh-keygen -t rsa" at the shell prompt
  • enter the filename for your key, when prompted, and either enter a passphrase, or hit Enter/Return, when asked, to leave the passphrase empty
  • the public key will be saved with an extension of .pub, following the filename for your key from the previous step

The final step is to provide the public key to us, so we can add it to your authorized keys.

Please direct any comments/suggestions to support@solid-hosting.net or via our contact form.

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